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Xi extends Chinese New Year greetings to all Chinese

​Chinese President Xi Jinping has extended Chinese New Year greetings to all Chinese people. He wished Chinese people of all ethnic groups a better life and the country greater prosperity in the new year.

China at 'crucial stage' to control novel coronavirus

​Faced with the fast-changing situation of the novel coronavirus outbreak, China is at a crucial stage to prevent and control the spread of the virus, according to Chinese experts.

Nation remains key destination for investment

China will remain a hot spot for global investment in the long term despite souring global economic conditions.

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  • Top 10 metropolitan areas for migrants in China

    As more and more people in China continue to move into the cities seeking a better life, a recent report has been released ranking the attractiveness of various metropolitan areas to migrants in China.

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Is there hope for peace in Libya?

A conference in Berlin made some progress in bringing peace to Libya wracked by civil war, but the light at the end of the tunnel remains somewhat dim.


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